Tawanna is Helping Organizations Across the Nation

Powerful Thought Leader

Tawanna speaks at the Aspen Institute Latinos & Society Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

Tawanna specializes in helping individuals and organizations disrupt the status quo, eliminate the noise, and elevate new opportunities for meaningful impact. Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer, or professional coach, if you are serious about achieving ground-breaking, sustainable results, Tawanna could be just the partner you're looking for. Areas of specialty include: 

· Collective Impact 

· Community Economic Development

· Cross-sector Collaboration 

· Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Strategic Planning 

· Faith-Based Community Development & Church Planting 

· Governance & Board Development 

· Inclusion 

· Leadership Development 

· Place-Based Philanthropy 

· Professional Development 

· Public-Private Partnerships 

· Racial Equity 

· Strategic Planning 

· Women's Leadership 

Choosing to Partner with a Disrupter...


It's not hard to find a consultant with knowledge the topic your organization is interested in. But if you're wise, you'll take the time to find a partner who is invested in your goals, and in customizing their solutions to your needs. Tawanna doesn't offer canned speeches or presentations. Each engagement is uniquely designed to your unique needs. Whether you're searching for a one-time keynote speaker for a conference or luncheon, or an on-going consultant for organizational change and capacity building, or a coach for leaders in your organization, Tawanna will listen to your needs, and tell you if she's right for you. She was named one of the Top 25 Disrupters on Race in the Country in 2016 because she doesn't shy away from the opportunity to challenge her audience to be and do more with authenticity, intentionality and urgency. And, it works! 

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